Pre-Season Preparation

Would you start your car if you hadn’t changed the oil in it for the last 10 years? Assuming your answer is a safe “No.”  Let’s put that into the same perspective as what you’re doing when you don’t regularly service your AC system. A typical air conditioning system runs over 3000 hours a year in Florida, thinking of the wear and tear, without proper maintenance you could not only end up feeling Florida’s heat at the worst time, you could even void your warranty just by not keeping up with maintenance.

Less than 50% of Florida homeowners perform preventive maintenance on AC and HVAC systems – studies however show that regular maintenance can not only cut energy costs but can also extend the life of your system, improve overall comfort and eliminate unnecessary and unexpected need for service. Best not to wait any longer, call today and start saving with a Elite HVAC LLC Loyalty Program and never have to worry about running into that hot Florida day without a way to cool down.